Sunday, February 15, 2009

14/2... ._.

First of all,

happy valentine's day peeps.. =]

here's d flower..

bought for the fun of it..

You dont have to be "IN" love to hav a happy valentine's day..
as quoted by oprah.. rofl..

tempting flower.. hmm.. who shall i pass it to.. i thought for a while.. sorry lar.. juz this tiny lil while..

spent the day at fren's house..

did the 1 romantic thing late at night..


Yea that's 2 packets of har mee... 1am.. rofl..

and that's it... the day's over..
meaningless and yet.. fun..

Omg gotta go, ciaoz..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Been there, Done that... and now.. im BACK!.

oh people please tell me you miss my craps..

coz i missed you guys!..

been a long long 2009..
im gonna explain it in lines..

screwed up somewhere here and there..
so what?.. life aint fair..

as far as i can remember..

someone unplugged my pc and said to
i want it back and back it shall be..

and so i told myself..
look into your shelf..
you see books?
see how new and untouched they're? now take a look..

and so.. my net life came to an end..
somewhere between now and then..

but then.. along came an

oh shush.. how do i continue..

twice the pride,
double the fall..
paid the price,
still standing tall..

im gonna try be humble from now on..
by this tiny lil bit ---> .

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