Monday, December 22, 2008



1) i nid to learn how to driveeeeeeeee!

2) Earn big bucks..

3) SCREW SPM HARD !.. pawn it..

4) a special notebook that can giv me the brains of an einstein..

5) A HAWT GF!..
- not bitchy
- not cold
- very much alive
- loves partaying!
- shorter than ivan tan.. im 5"8.. any taller go screw urself.. xD
- cute!..
- active!..
- not over conservative... but a lil bit is gud..
- mysterious!
- willing to share secrets
- AND YEAH!.. someone that matches my confidence level.. try me.. =]

6) THE LOOKS.. it's okayy if not.. i already hav one anyways.. ROFL yea hate me.. =]

7) get a good career.. launch me up, gimme a gud headstart babeh...

8) more friends that actually cared.. and not selfish..

9) a box that keeps all my sweetest memory of the past..

10) another box to keep all my tasks and schedules in place

11) to represent malaysia in something.. anything!.. preferably sports.. in ur face!.. =p

12) GROW TALLER!.. 5"11 <---- please please

13) the perfect body to head ratio.. - . -

and last but not least...

14) make my parents happyyyy.. i love them.. =]..

i can giv up all 13 other wishes for this one..

okayyyyyyy.. hold on..
maybe not number 2..
not 3 either..

and number 5!.. =x bahaha

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