Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A nice day for a nice surprise

Today, while I was slacking around in my room, a loud deafening sound interrupted me. It was the sound of my message ring tone. A senior invited me and my roommates out for dinner at dengkil. We were totally excited about it, anything that has to do with food excites us.

Here's my two closest friend who has been sharing the same room with me over the past few months.

Wei Hong  

 Thanks for giving me the permission to "steal" your photos from facebook, hah.
 Cute aren't they?  Well, feel free to ask me for their contacts. =P

 Okay okay, less talk and more pictures!

Here's to more blogging on food. The place we were heading to was quite a famous spot amongst local foodies. The location of this restaurant is near the only CIMB bank in Dengkil.

We started off by ordering my favorite seafood dish of all. Nothing beats a perfectly cooked Buttered pan-fried flat prawns or better known as "heh gor" in hokkien. =) Next up was a series of colourful dishes, twin chicken combo, spicy Ma Po japanese tofu with mushrooms, African fish with spicy bean paste and a simple dish of green vege with garlic cloves.

Buttered pan-fried flat prawns with curry leaves 
Chicken Twin combo. (chicken topped with creamy butter sauce & cereal fried chicken) 
Spicy Ma Po japanese to-fu with button mushrooms sizzled to perfection
African Piranha look-alike fresh water fish simmered in spicy tomyam paste
蚝油草菇扒菜胆. pan fried gralic green vege with oyster sauce

Overall, it was a hearty and satisfying meal. But wait, it doesn't end here. Just when we were burping away, my senior Jun Jie walked in with a slice of secret recipe cake on his hands. Evrybody started singing the happy birthday song, took me an entire minute to finally figure out it was my birthday! It really took me by surprise. Haha, thanks guys. =)

Thanks Winnee for choosing the correct cake.  <3
Everybody! =)

 Overall, it was a memorable and satisfying outing, memorable to the thoughts and satisfying to the tummy, we were so full we could barely walk out the restaurant! It was a great night! Hope to see you guys soon.


Isaac Tan said...

Wahahaha, hey your birthday is still 2 days away bro. But very nice of your friends to celebrate it for you!

Great pictures bro!!! Happy birthday!!

iVAn said...

HAHA.. noticed some parts of it?.. lol looks familiar aint it?.. xD

Jing Min said...

dengkil got a lot of pork. lol

iVAn said...

haha you know it best babi. ;)..

suituapui said...

Happy Birthday, Ivan. (Btw, I'm Isaac's blogger friend.) Nice food...but where on earth is this place - Dengkil? In Penang? Hope you have a great year ahead...

iVAn said...

thanks a lot suituapui. do they call you stp in short?. hah.. dengkil is somewhere near cyberjaya, kl. =)..

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