Wednesday, June 17, 2009


First of all.. holiday's over..

2ndly.. yeah i updated..
rofl.. after 4 months!..

3rd.. getting sick of all those lousy comments about me and girls..
i know who's my fren and who's more than that..
you know who you are..

well guess wad.. I KNOW WHO I AM!..
time to shut up.. =]

Happy Skul day!

3rd day @ skul..
hate to wake up THAT early.. thanks doggy for licking my face evry morning.. helped a whole bunch..

life almost feels unreal to me..
been dreaming every single day!..

uhh.. project time.

hav fun scholars!

ps: no time for pics.. no idea wad to put anywayz..
looking forward to hang out with ya guys again !.. =DD

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