Sunday, June 6, 2010

Deer Gets into the village.

Saturday 5/6/2010

Planned a one day trip to sunway pyramid with 3 of my friends, wei hong, Dylan and Fabian

Our personal F1 driver Mr. Maran fetched us there @ around 2.20pm

reasons why i like Mr. Maran
  • charged us at RM1 per minute
  • drives at over 140kmph
  • never give way to other vehicle
  • traffic lights wont stop him
anywayss.... 40minutes later
reached sunway..

Metered Cab vs RapidKL bus

Metered Cab
  • Costs RM40
  • Seriously fast
  • Comes right to your doorsteps
  • Time taken - 40 minutes

RapidKL bus

  • Costs RM8.80 from Cyberjaya-KL sentral-destination
  • SLOWWW!!!.. moves very slowly due to it's massive size
  • Have to wait at d bus stop.. time wasting process
  • leaves you in a bus stop no where near your exact location
  • time taken - somewhere between 2 hours and 4 hours

anywayssss.... we're hungry..

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