Saturday, June 5, 2010

Welcome to KL.. -.-

It was a boring friday afternoon..

after a whole week of food like this..

me and my room mate decided enough is enough..

it's time to take on an adventure penetrating deep into the hearts of KL in search for some GOOD FOOD!..

went to THE STREET MALL..Street Mall

and here's what we found..

My Creamed Butter Shrimp Ala thai,
Cheap and tastes so so.. rofls

Ratings : 2 and a half star

Wei Hong's, Fiery Paddy Delight aka FRIED RICE. -.-
Pang Gi Gu Dua Teh (cheap and big in portion)

Ratings : 2 and a quarter star


Aiya... the food is okayyyLaaH.. considering the fact that it's almost 3pm and we didnt have breakfast or lunch..
After getting all pumped up, it's KL KL and KL all the way for us.

Sorry KL people.. i have to voice this out..
  • RapidKL sucks. Yeah it Sucked. The seat's broken and the driver's a nip head.
  • and traffic congestions are almost unbearable during peak hours, took us 5 hours to get from cyberjaya to sunway pyramid.. .__.
But then But then hor, the massive shopping complexes managed to rawk my day.. =]

Night Supper At MMU cafetaria

Overall Review for the day

Excitement :
Pek chek-ness :
memorability :
money spending rate

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