Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gurney OR Qbay?.. -.-.. wrong choice..

Should hav stayed @ home...


there's like 3 gals and 3 boys..

prob is.. 4 of them are couples!..
wait lemme count...

6 minus a big 4.. = 2.. 2! 2! 2!.. SHEESH!.. i hav no idea why am i included in this outing.. - _ -
me and another gal..

she's not ugly.. BUT BUT!! not my type.. =]
went to watch wushu.. DARN i wanted to watch quarantineeee.. they're too small..
too bad.. i LOOK 18 okay?.. XD
luckily couple seats not available... xD

i spent my whole day searching for stickers.. - _ -
stick stick stick.. = =
Hell yeah you better thank me alright?.. =x

found em at last.. popular 3rd floor stationery section.. =X

soon after finding it...

someone came over right in front of me and...
and he friggin punched me in d face..

Da blood...

met up with mum after that..
bought some shirts.. for once.. i trusted her sense of fashion.. ^^

Not bad.. kamsia.. muacks. ^^

oops i tilted it again.. xD..
love making heads turn BEBEH!

and so... this is the end of another lame post.. ^^
Cheers!.. buh bye for now

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