Friday, November 28, 2008

Training Workshops.. =]

And so...

it's a sunny thursday... happily attending a prefects' training course..

HAHA... there's this workshop we seniors make specially to train our juniors...this is how it went.. =x

The situation : a class full of paikias.. we're s'pose to be out from class.. not that easy of course!..gave them a hard time..

Me... bringing a Hp to skul... die die duwan let go.. xD they decided to snatch instead.. awws

4 Ganged me.. ROFL.. xD.. someone shrieked!.. baahaha.. had lotsa fun..
juz in case you are speaker-less or dum.. here's out dialogues.. xD

Junior A : 拿电话给我。。
Ivan : *acts dumb* HAR?我啊? Uhhhh... 讲please.. 可以吗?讲please.. ROFL..

Junior A,B,C and D came charging at me.. -.-

Ivan : HAR?!.. AIYO!.. *lost connection*.. xDDDDD

A dude trying to confiscate my hp.. =x bahahaha

Dialogues :

Ivan : Har?

Junior A : 做么你拿电话来?

Ivan : 做么我拿电话来啊?哈。拍你络。。 =x

Junior A *snatches hp*..

Ivan : 跌怎样,跌怎样?不能问好来阿?

Junior A accidentally hit a paikia behind..

Ivan : 讲 sry..

Paikia : Lema ane luan lang an chua kun!... (your mother so noisy how am i s'pose to sleep!) -.-

Ivan : 现在要做什么?。

Junior A : 现在请出去 *grabs my shirt*

Ivan : 去哪里? 去哪里?去做么?

Junior A : 请出去排队。。 *getting pissed*

Ivan : 不要动我 !x2..等下我受伤怎样?

Junior A : 拿电话来~


That's about all.. funny workshops.. xD

hope they manage to learn something from those situations.. cheers!. =] rofl

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