Sunday, October 19, 2008

Love is in the air...

Was feeling sleepy after studying physics for like 5mins?
decided to look out d window rite in front of me...

and guess wat...

check out this short clip...

No... im not a stalker..and the main thingy in this video is not the green field =.=
look further... you see that ah ma and ah gong?

well... my 1st thought was..
LMAOS!.. walk so slow.. woii careful la.. got chia (car) behind you guys..
*faster take out camera record juz in case* nyehahaaa..

But... they were like holding hands and protecting each other..

HOLIE BLEEP.. it touched me.. (no not their hands).. their love for each other..

they muz've been together for like half a century??..
plastic aso decompose d lar!....

to those who think relationships wont last long..

think twice.. =]..



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