Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You Know Wat i Did last RAYA?

See how i screw up my hols.. All the plays and None of the studies..

around 28 days @ that time.. and with 0 knowledge to the whole form4 YEAR..
People tend to get nervous with all those ooh ahhs and stuff..

Not me.. - _ -

to start off my hols..


Day 2, Sunday..
Duno who the **** woke me up @ 5 early in the morning.. Honking early in the morning.. Whoever it is.. Thanks a lot..
no mood..

whole day was like

The Weekdays..
Teacher showing off his art talents.. -__-
Tuition Tuition and more Tuition..
no time to hang out at all.. or was i lazy?..

nvm bout that.. newayz.. here's wat i did..
read almost 1/2 of this lame book.. =D

OH HERE's a nice one.. ^____^

Q : What's the similarity between Kodak and condoms?
A : They are both there to catch those special moments..
O_O.. kay you may laugh now.. *colds*

ntg better to do + free time + in need of losing weight = DUMBELL....
Q : weight of dumbell?.. A : 5kg ._.

Saturday and Sunday leh?

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