Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rainy day.. What to do?.. GAY AROUND~.. =]

October.. 14th..

10 days countdown to the finals..
what to do?..

Feeling so darn downnn.... No mood to study arh!..
acting emo..
some crazy dudus managed to put a piece of paper below me like im shiting..

then, as if im not depressed enough...
here comes a second lameo dude...

lol.. =x..aherms.. Frenn ar.. ur not helping..

Then.... thanks to my other bunch of friends...
Oh greeeeeeat... this helps A LOT.. =]

This too.. ._.
SOME limited edition GAY-AROUND PICHAS..

Contains :-
i) retards..
ii) "hunks"
iii) The wu liao
iv) The thicked skin

it started off when we left this guy sitting over there alone by himself... well.. he got bored..
and picked up a blue chair..... and you know.... sorta placed it on top of his head?..
Somebody : HEY!.. stopp.. take a pic!

Fiction : people do this out of boredom
Facts : only HE does that... and me too.. =]

one not enough?.. we hav add ons..

Fiction : More chairs = cooler shots
Facts : HELL YEAH!
leng zai acting cutee.. wootx.. =]

The cap.

Jokersss... =D

Dont ask me why.. i hav zero ideo what this picture is and what's the point of taking it..

p/s kevin suggested the leg thingy.. yay!.. o.x

If it's lame.. post it..
The sun is up again!.. cheers.. =]
Now the vid..

moonwalk's the main thingy.. other's crap.. =[

This post's only meant for viewing purpose..


~winnee~ said...

really is a crazy happy school life~~^^

iVAn said...

:P.. haha that's us.. missed those time!

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