Sunday, October 12, 2008

OMFG!!... How to study?!?!?!.. that's the question

Effective Study skills are about more than understanding..

Tips to remember..

A schedule saves time

now that we hav 16 days left.. and like 8 major subjects to study?

average of 2 per day.. Jiayouz. =]

A summarize of our time left...

24 hours MINUS

7 hours of sleep

2 hours of food food

5 hours of slackings (doin misc stuff)

4 hours of our so-called rest our mind study delays aka PLAY..

that's like 6 hours per day?! NOT COUNTING TUITION!.. and that's the time we hav for the weekends!!..

Weekdays leh?

roughly 8 hours of school

2 hours of food

less slacking.. plus minus 3 hours

less sleep x.x plus minus 6 hours

leisure... 0-3 hours..

ZOMG!!.. that's like 3 or 1 hour left to study!..

overall time left for me.. 22 hours per week.. 2 weeks.. 44 hours.. 8 subjs.. 5 hours per sub.

minus tuition time = G.G Bye bye


wat to do wat to do..

Last minute study tips for slackers... HIP HIP HORRAY TIPS!!..














Desperate times call for desperate measures; counting down to finals..


†HanQing† said...

O RLLY? left 9 days ==

iVAn said...

wah.. bu zhi bu jue left 2 days.. lazy to even think of it d

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